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Helping Seniors Deal with Self-Neglect

Home Care in Center Hill FL
Home Care in Center Hill FL

There are many campaigns to educate the public about signs of elder abuse and neglect from other people. However, the often unrecognized reality is that seniors frequently neglect themselves. You will hear this being referred to as self-neglect and it can become extreme, and you may not know how to help your senior parent. First, if you live far away and you are only able to visit occasionally, it is essential that your elderly loved one has support from home care providers. Home care agencies provide multiple types of professionals who can help a senior age in place. Many seniors are choosing to age at home where they are the most comfortable. In theory, this sounds good, but self-neglect does happen and it is something that you and home care providers can look for.

Less obvious are the indicators of self-neglect, which some family caregivers may not even be able to recognize. When this occurs, individuals may feel helpless to effectively address the issue with their loved ones. The following are some of the most prevalent and obvious indications of self-neglect among the elderly. There are also suggestions for dealing with the situation.

Understanding the Signs of Self-Neglect

If you see your parents often enough the signs will be clear. They may have stopped taking care of their home and leaving it messy, they may refuse to take medications that they need, or they may not be eating like they used to.

It is crucial to remember that seniors who behave in this manner are not always in perfect control of their behavior, particularly if they are suffering cognitive decline and challenges. In fact, self-neglect is how some family members discover that anything may be amiss with the cognitive health of their loved ones.

How to Address Self-Neglect

It is difficult to inform elderly loved ones that they are not properly caring for themselves. Many elders have spent their whole lives caring for themselves. They may feel violated or assaulted if you imply that they are not doing so presently. So, what can you do?

Be Their Friend

Maybe you are their son or daughter but sometimes when you have an elderly loved one you also need to be their friend. Rather than expressing astonishment, disgust, annoyance, or wrath, it is crucial to be attentive to all conceivable reactions and to inquire about their well-being on a broader scale. It is beneficial to attempt to provide companionship that may lead to observing daily patterns and being able to “remind” the individual of crucial self-care tasks. Sometimes folks just need to know that someone is monitoring their well-being.

Communicate With Them

Even if you can’t visit physically, you should still try to talk to your mom or dad most days. Hop on a video chat with them and encourage them to be healthy even when you’re away. This is a time when you can glimpse at how they’re living too. You should never shame them or judge them for what they’re doing but instead, be kind and supportive.

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Handmade Christmas Gifts Seniors Can Make For Their Families

Home Care in Ferndale FL
Home Care in Ferndale FL

Making Christmas gifts is a fantastic way to keep your senior loved one working on something that will be treasured within the family. Whether you have a home care provider help your senior one loved one make these gifts or you help you senior parent make them they are sure to become family heirlooms:


If your senior parent can knit or crochet they can work on making some warm winter afghans to gift to family members. Knitting and crocheting are fantastic activities for helping seniors keep the dexterity in their hands. And counting stitches and following a pattern is great for helping seniors retain their cognitive skills.

Christmas Ornaments

Did you ever make Christmas ornaments with your parent when you were young? Now you can make them again with your senior parent. You can buy clear Christmas ornaments and either fill them with miniatures or candy or toys or you can paint the outside. You can also make salt dough ornament with handprints in them the way that you did when you were small. Someday when your senior loved one is gone having those handprint ornaments will make you remember special times like holidays with your loved one.

Picture Frames

Your senior loved one can get really creative customizing picture frames for the family. With paper, glue, ribbon, sequins, shells, stones, glitter, and other craft materials they can transform inexpensive photo frames into works of art. Pop in a photo of your senior loved one and then send them out as gifts to the rest of the family members as keepsakes or use them as place card holders at your holiday parties.


Quilts are a wonderful gift, and quilting is a fantastic activity for seniors who like to sew. Planning and sewing a quilt will help seniors work their brains and their cognitive skills while sewing will help their flexibility and dexterity in their hands and fingers. And a beautiful quilt that is handmade by a senior loved one is a keepsake that you can pass down to your children.

Scarves, Hats, And Mittens

If your loved one likes to knit or crochet but they can only manage one or two stitches or they don’t have the patience to make an entire afghan small items like scarves, hats, and mittens are also great gifts. These types of handmade items are easy and fun to make so your senior loved one may really enjoy gifting everyone in the family a handmade scarf this year.

Photo Albums

This is a very special gift project that you will probably need to help your senior parent do. Get prints made of the best family photos that encompass the entire history of the family. With your senior loved one go over each photo and write the names and dates on each photo. Then arrange them in decorated photo albums so that everyone in the family will have a copy of the family history in photos.


If you or an aging loved one is considering home care in Ferndale, FL, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Clermont today. 1-888-423-4046.