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Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One Manage Diabetes

Does your elderly loved one have diabetes? If so, it is important that know that this condition can be managed in most cases. While there are many untreated cases of diabetes that lead to serious health consequences or even death, this doesn’t have to be the case for your elderly loved one right now. It is possible to avoid diabetes complications by creating a management plan with your elderly loved one and their doctors.

Tracking Glucose Levels

One of the most important things that you and elderly care providers can do for your loved one is to help them track their glucose levels. Many senior citizens need to be reminded to check their levels. However, you can help them to do this by calling them or doing it for them. If you can’t make it to their house to help, you can hire elderly care providers for this task.

Encouraging Better Eating

Another one of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to manage their diabetes is by encouraging them to eat better. As a family caregiver, it is recommended that you learn more about how certain foods affect your elderly loved one’s glucose levels. Once you learn which foods are best for your loved one, encourage them to eat those foods more often. You should also learn which foods are bad for your elderly loved one. The elderly care providers that work with your loved one can help with this, too.

Encouraging Regular Exercise

Research shows that regular exercise can help to manage your elderly loved one’s glucose levels. It would be helpful if you could create a list of safe exercises for your elderly loved one to do on a regular basis. You could even help them by setting up an exercise routine/schedule. Encouraging your elderly loved one to exercise regularly can help them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Better Communications

It is also important that you communicate more with your elderly loved one’s doctors. They can let you know what needs to be done in your loved one’s case. Not everyone has diabetes to the same severity. Knowing more about your elderly loved one’s diabetes case, specifically, can help you to better monitor what needs to be done.


These are some of the tips that can help your elderly loved one to manage their diabetes. Remember, there are many people who have diabetes that is unmanaged or untreated. In these instances, the health issues that arise are often severe or even fatal. Start helping your elderly loved one manage their diabetes today to prevent further health issues from occurring.


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Four Tips if Your Senior Is Feeling Disconnected

Your senior may be experiencing a lot of changes to her world and to how she interacts with the people that she loves. That can even leave her feeling more disconnected than usual from the life that she used to have. These are just a few ways that you can help her to feel more connected to the world around her.

Look for Ways to Try New Things

Trying new things gives your senior a chance to meet new people and to keep her brain engaged. It’s a great way for her to branch out a bit and to forge new connections in her community and in areas of interest she might not have explored before. She might find that she wants to start volunteering or finding other ways to share what she knows, too.

Open up a Conversation with Friends and Family

One reason that older adults can start to feel disconnected is that their family members or friends are not as able to visit or have lost contact a bit. If it’s possible for your senior’s friends and family members to be more conscious about reaching out, that can be helpful. It may be a good idea to try to set up a way for friends and family members to check in on a regular rotating basis with your elderly family member as well.

Bring in Senior Care Providers

Having some help, particularly with tasks that have become difficult or exhausting, can give your senior better energy reserves so that she can connect with others more readily. Senior care providers can also offer understanding companionship. They’re familiar with needs like the ones your senior has and they know how to help your elderly family member to have the best quality of life possible.

Meeting People Going through the Same Things Can Help

If your elderly family member has health issues that she feels keep her from being as socially active as she would like, it might be a good idea to find other people going through the same things. Support groups, either online or in person, can give your senior a chance to learn more about how other people are coping with health issues. They can also give her a chance to talk to other people who understand her situation.

Your elderly family member might do better with a combination of these ideas. It all depends on her specific needs and wants.

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