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Explore the Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care When Vision Diminishes

24-Hour Home Care in Mascotte FL
24-Hour Home Care in Mascotte FL

While eye exams are recommended each year, not every older American goes for one. Around a quarter of older adults believe that if they can see clearly there’s no need to see an eye doctor for a routine exam.

Due to finances, seven out of ten older adults skip an annual eye exam. Ten percent have never been to an eye health professional, yet half of the older adults in this study said they fear vision loss.

Your dad was one of the older adults who felt his vision was fine and skipped yearly exams. Like others, he realized the importance when it was too late to protect his vision. He has glaucoma, but because he wasn’t diagnosed early, he’s now legally blind and cannot be left alone.

You work full-time, and it’s getting harder to manage your workload when your dad asks for help all day and night. Have you considered 24-hour home care and its benefits?

Caregivers Work in Shifts

With 24-hour home care, caregivers work in shifts to cover the entire 24 hours. Your dad may have three caregivers working eight-hour shifts or four caregivers working six-hour shifts. He’s never alone.

While a caregiver is with him, he has someone to cook meals and prepare snacks. If there’s housework to be done, the caregiver can help him. With around-the-clock care aides, your dad has a driver for his appointments with eye doctors, clinics, and dentists. If he has errands to run his caregiver can help him.

Caregivers also help with laundry. They can make your dad’s bed, change his sheets and towels, and put things away when the laundry is dry. If your dad needs help reminding him to take medications or to put in eye drops, his caregiver is there.

In the middle of the night, your dad often wakes up and needs the bathroom. He can’t find his way as easily as he used to, but his overnight caregiver can help him get to the toilet and walk him back to bed when he’s ready.

He’s Never Alone

Your dad’s nervous about being alone in his home when he can’t see. With a caregiver there all day and all night, he’s never by himself. He’s supported when he needs it, which ensures he’s able to maintain his independence.

Hire caregivers for your dad. It’s easy to make the arrangements for 24-hour home care. Gather a list of questions you, your dad, and your immediate family have. Call an agency and ask to talk to a specialist in home care. You’ll go over the questions, learn more about how the services work, and find out about the pricing. Call now.


If you or an aging loved one is considering 24-hour home care in Mascotte, FL, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Clermont today. 1-888-423-4046.

Keeping Seniors With Limited Mobility Safe In An Emergency

Senior Home Care in Ferndale FL
Senior Home Care in Ferndale FL

If your senior loved one uses a walker, a cane or a wheelchair, getting them to safety in an emergency like a fire, flood, or power failure could take some planning. Senior home care is something that can really help your parent in an emergency, so if you have been thinking about this service, now is the time to do that. That way if an emergency weather event occurs your senior parent won’t be alone when disaster strikes.

Seniors who have limited mobility have even greater challenges than other seniors when it comes to evacuating a home quickly. These tips from disaster experts and senior home care providers should help you prepare your senior loved one to evacuate their home:

Don’t Wait To Evacuate

If there is a storm coming or some other disaster on the way and emergency officials have recommended that people evacuate then your senior parent should leave their home as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute is not safe. It’s better for your senior parent and their senior home care provider to get out and get to safety before there is an imminent threat like rising flood waters.

Stash Additional Mobility Aids At A Family Or Friend’s House

If your senior loved one does need to evacuate quickly they may lose their walker or cane in the process of leaving. Or, if they are in a wheelchair they may need to leave the chair behind if there are flood waters rising or a fire. It’s a good idea to get a second walker or cane or keep a simple emergency wheelchair at a neighbor or friend’s house and at your house. That way if your senior loved one can’t get to your house they can get a backup mobility aid at a neighbor’s house. Or, if they need to get out of the neighborhood they can get a backup at your home.

Keep A Bag Packed And Ready To Go With Essentials

All seniors should have a bag packed with supplies in case they need to leave their homes in a hurry. The bag should contain things like extra clothes, incontinence supplies, extra medications, and any important papers that they might need. It’s also smart to have an extra cell phone charger cord and a battery operated phone charger.

Keep An Evacuation Mat With The Emergency Supplies

Evacuation mats can be used by senior home care to help your senior loved one get out of the home in a hurry if necessary. If your senior loved one relies on a wheelchair or has mobility limitations safety experts recommend that you keep an evacuation mat with the emergency supplies in your senior loved one’s home. That way if there is a dangerous situation and your senior loved one needs to be moved out of the house quickly you or emergency personnel or a home care provider can make sure that your senior parent is able to get out of the house safely.

If you or an aging loved one is considering senior home care in Ferndale, FL, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Clermont today. 1-888-423-4046.