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What to Look For in a New Home for Your Senior

Elder Care in Clermont FL
Elder Care in Clermont FL

If a senior you love lives in a big house with many levels, it may be time to downsize their home. This can be a hard step for many seniors, especially if they have lived in a home for a very long time. The truth is big houses are great for families but can be dangerous for seniors. Even with an elder care assistant, it may be easier to ensure a senior’s safety in a smaller environment.

Looking for houses can be a big deal, and you want to make sure your parents or grandparents feel comfortable in a new space. If you are unsure what to look for in a new home, this short guide might be able to give you a few ideas.

As some age and start developing more problems, it can be essential to downgrade a home. It will also be crucial to have a good elder care provider help the senior during the transition. Take a look at these features that may help improve a seniors living situation.

What to Look for in a Home for Seniors

The senior you love may have outgrown their large home meant for five kids, which is okay. It is a normal part of life to downgrade homes, especially when they become too much work. The senior may not know what to look for, and the elder care provider may not help purchase a house, but you can. Take a look at these tips to consider when looking for new homes for your seniors.

Single Level

If you can find a home that has one level and no stairs, this may help limit unwanted incidents from occurring. Stairs can be a massive reason why seniors fall or can’t live on their own. Finding a home that is one level will significantly help reduce this problem. It will also make it easier for the elder care provider to find the senior when around the house.

Remote Controls

There are so many houses that have tech installed in the houses it can make it really convenient for the seniors. Some remotes control lights, fans, blinds, shades, and even opening windows. Not all houses have these accessories, but you may get lucky and find something similar.

Twist-Free Faucets

Having push faucets may be more beneficial for a senior with arthritis. Sometimes the twist knobs can be harder and painful to work for a senior. A good home for a senior should not include twist knobs on a faucet or other devices. This may seem like a small detail, but it can make a huge impact on the level of comfortability.

Bright Lighting

Dim lights can be tough for seniors to see in, and it can be difficult for them to find things. Ensuring a home comes with bright lighting can be essential for a senior home. Elder care providers may help them change light bulbs to brighter options. However, having nice windows that bring in natural light can be a massive help in the everyday lives of seniors.

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