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4 Tips To Make Grocery Shopping Easier For Seniors

24-Hour Home Care in Groveland FL
24-Hour Home Care in Groveland FL

Malnutrition is almost an epidemic among seniors. Estimates are that more than 50% of seniors are malnourished. Seniors are not eating, or not eating enough, or in some cases eating the wrong foods. While there are many factors that contribute to malnutrition in seniors, one of the most common ones is that it’s difficult for seniors to grocery shop alone.

Seniors who can’t drive anymore need to arrange for transportation to the store and home. They need to carry heavy bags into the house and put things away, which can be physically difficult for them. And it can also be physically and mentally difficult for seniors to make a grocery list, walk around a store, put items in a cart or onto the check out belt, and to figure out money and how to pay. When shopping is too difficult, seniors may just rely on take out food or not eat. But there are things that can make it easier for seniors to shop for food, and 24-hour home care can be an essential one.

Make a List Together

Your senior loved one may have an easier time making a grocery store list if you help them. Together you can make the list and make sure that household items like laundry soap and paper towels are also on the list if needed. That way your senior loved one doesn’t have the pressure of trying to remember every item that is needed. If your senior loved one has a 24-hour home care provider, they can also help your senior parent make a grocery list. It can also be useful to keep a running list of items that are needed on the fridge or on a bulletin board.

Shop with a Pre-Loaded Debit Card

If money is difficult to manage for your senior parent a pre-loaded debit card can alleviate the stress they feel trying to figure out if they have enough money to pay for their groceries. Pre-load money on the card so that your senior loved one can easily pay for the purchase with the swipe of a card and they won’t have to worry about handling cash.

Take Advantage Of Help Offered

Many grocery stores offer help to seniors who can’t carry heavy bags. A bagger will take the bags to your senior loved one’s car and load them so that your senior loved one doesn’t have to lift heavy bags. A 24-hour home care provider can help unload them after your senior loved one gets home.

Use Curbside Pickup

Most grocery stores now offer curbside pickup where your senior loved one only has to pull up the the door of the store and the employees will load all the groceries right into their car. Your senior loved one will need to use an app or a website to pick out the food they need but after they choose all their items they can pay online and pick up all of their items right at the door. It’s a safe and convenient way for seniors to shop.



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