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Tips for Supporting Your Elderly Loved One While Encouraging Them to Stay Independent

Do you want to help your elderly loved one to stay independent for as long as they can? If so, there are various things that you can do. The most important thing for you to remember is that you can support your elderly loved one without having to take over everything completely.

Making Items Easier for Them to Access

If your elderly loved one wants to stay independent, one of the things that you can do for them is to make items easier for them to access. For instance, if their short sleeve shirts are currently on a shelf higher up in the closet, but your loved one can’t reach their arms up that high anymore, you can bring those down to a lower shelf. Think about where everything is placed in their home and move things according to their needs.

Easy to Wear Clothing

Your elderly loved one probably has a certain style of clothing they like to wear. However, if they are having trouble using their fingers on buttons and/or zippers, you might want to get them easy to wear clothing. This might include loose-fitting shirts, pull up pants, and pants that have elastic waistbands.

Technology with Voice-Activation

If you want to help your elderly loved one stay independent, you can also get them some technology that is voice-activated. There are so many different devices that could be beneficial for your elderly loved one. Google and Amazon both have products that are great for the elderly. Some of the things this type of technology can do include the following:

  • Playing music
  • Locking and unlocking doors
  • Controlling the home’s thermostat
  • Controlling the lights
  • Telling the time
  • Making phone calls

If you want to help your elderly loved one do these things, you can check into some of this technology today.

Hiring Elderly Care Providers

If your elderly loved one wants to stay independent, but they do need extra help, you can always hire elderly care providers. The elderly care providers can offer the help and support that your loved one needs, while still allowing them to do things on their own.


These are some of the tips for supporting your elderly loved one, while still encouraging them to stay independent. Remember, if your loved one does need extra assistance, there is no shame in hiring someone to provide the help that they need. Elderly care providers can be there whenever your loved one needs, day or night.


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