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Companion Care at Home Can Help Your Mom Run Errands

Companion Care at Home in Leesburg FL
Companion Care at Home in Leesburg FL

When your mom learns she’s no longer a safe driver, she’s going to be frustrated. She might even feel sad that she’s losing her freedom to come and go as she wants. Companion care at home can step in to help your senior parent with transportation and much more.

Transportation Services From a Home Care Agency

When your mom has a caregiver available for transportation, she has someone else to drive her around. Plus, she’s not alone while running errands or attending meetings or appointments.

Each week, your mom likes to purchase groceries and pick up household supplies while she’s out. It usually means a trip to a grocery store and a discount retailer. Once a month, she also has prescription refills to pick up at the pharmacy. If she needs clothes or shoes, there are additional stops to make.

With a companion care aide, your mom has someone else available to drive her where she needs to go. Her caregiver can carry bags for her and move them from the cart to the trunk. At home, her caregiver will bring everything inside and put items where they go.

Your mom has a series of medical appointments coming up. It’s the time of year when your mom’s mammogram, yearly check-up, and bone density screening are due. While it would be convenient to get these appointments scheduled in one office at the same time, that’s not possible.

She has three appointments, plus it’s been ten years since her last colonoscopy, so she also has to schedule that. She needs someone available to drive her to each appointment and bring her back home. Her caregiver can take her, wait until she’s done, and bring her home.

Other Benefits Available With Companion Care

What other services are available with companion care at home? Here are just a few of the many services that companion care at home offers:

Meal Preparation

Does your mom still cook meals or is it challenging for her? Caregivers can cook meals for her. If she wants to help, she can. But, she may be tired of cooking after decades of cooking meals for her family. That’s fine, she can also sit back and let someone else prepare meals.

Light Housework

Caregivers can clean her home. Your mom is happy dusting and washing windows, but she has a very hard time carrying the vacuum upstairs to bedrooms. Have caregivers vacuum for her. They can also do the laundry, change the sheets, and make beds.

Support During Exercise

Has your mom’s doctor told her to stay active? If she walks around her neighborhood or up and down the street, she may not be confident when she’s alone. All it takes is a neighborhood dog to run up and knock her over. Companion care providers¬† walk with her.

It’s time to make sure your mom doesn’t drive again. Companion care at home pairs her with caregivers who will help her run errands throughout the week. Call a companion care at home specialist to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one is considering companion care at home in Leesburg, FL, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Clermont today. 1-888-423-4046.