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Why Choose Companion Care at Home?

Companion Care at Home in Webster FL
Companion Care at Home in Webster FL

As she ages, your mom is having difficulty taking care of her home and herself. She tries, but her balance and stamina are changing. She has so many chronic health conditions that it’s hard to track them all, and that means she’s on a number of medications that cause side effects that add to her challenges at home. Companion care at home is the perfect solution to these challenges.

Your mom wants to maintain her independence, but she realizes she can’t do things on her own. There are some aspects of daily care that she has to have help completing. This is where companion care comes in.

What Is Companion Care?

Companion care at home offers help with aspects of life that involve social routines and household chores. A caregiver can join your mom when running errands, going to appointments, or shopping. Her caregiver is there to go for walks with her, encourage her to complete her daily exercises, and help your mom with her favorite hobbies or games.

Your mom may not be able to cook meals on her own. Her caregiver can help her plan weekly menus, prep items, and cook with or for your mom. When the meal is finished, your mom’s caregiver washes dishes, runs the dishwasher, and cleans the sink and counters.

Companion care at home also helps with routine housekeeping tasks like sweeping floors, dusting surfaces, and making beds. Your mom’s caregiver can run a vacuum over carpets, wipe down remotes and light switches with a sanitizing wipe, and change the sheets and towels. Laundry services are also part of companion care.

Once your mom’s clothes and linens are washed and dried, her caregiver can fold things and put them away. New towels are hung in the bathroom, and the bed is made with clean sheets.

Companion care aides can bring in the mail, help your mom go through it, and recycle any junk mail. Your mom’s caregivers can bring out the trash and recyclables, too. If your mom has appointments to schedule but has a hard time seeing the numbers on the phone, her caregiver can dial the numbers for her or even schedule the appointments and service calls.

Does your mom like to spend time in her gardens? Her companion can remind her to put on a hat and sunscreen, carry gardening tools for her, and help her pick and bring ripe produce inside. If your mom needs water, her caregiver can get her a glass and make sure she sits in the shade to prevent overheating.

Get Started With Home Care

Don’t let your mom struggle to maintain her independence and comfort while aging at home. Arrange companion care at home services to ensure she’s supported. A specialist will help you understand prices and available services before scheduling companion care at home aides.

If you or an aging loved one is considering companion care at home in Webster, FL, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Clermont today. 1-888-423-4046.