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What Can Music Do for Your Elderly Loved One?

What Can Music Do for Your Elderly Loved One?

Music can be great to listen to, but there is much more to it than that. Research shows that there are numerous benefits to music for the elderly. It can trigger emotions, help one process their feelings, and improve overall well-being. This is just be beginning. Learn more here today about what music can do for your elderly loved one. Once you know the benefits of music for your loved one, you will understand why it is so important for your loved one to have music in their life.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

One of the many things that music can do for your elderly loved one is to reduce their anxiety and stress levels. Research shows that listening to slow, calming music can help slow down thoughts. It can help with relaxation and stress relief. If you or a home care provider notice your loved one is stressed, turn on some slow music. Have your elderly loved one listen to it for a while and see what it can do for their stress levels.

Reducing Agitation

Another way that music can help your elderly loved one is by reducing their agitation. Your elderly loved one might become agitated when their life is chaotic. For example, when plans keep changing or when their routine keeps getting broken up, they might become agitated. If this happens, you or the home care provider may want to turn on some music that your loved one enjoys. It doesn’t have to be slow music. The type of music that best helps your elderly loved one relieve anger and frustrations would be best in this case.

Improving Emotional and Physical Closeness

If you and your elderly loved one are looking for something to bond over, music might be the solution. Maybe you need a way to help your loved one and their home care providers bond. Music can help with that, as well. There are so many different forms of music out there. It is likely that something your elderly loved one likes, you and their home care providers will like, as well. Listening to music together can be a great way to spend quality time together. It can also help your elderly loved one to feel closer to you.


These are some of the things that music can do for your elderly loved one. Now that you know about these amazing benefits, you can turn music on when your elderly loved one needs it. If you aren’t around, the home care providers can turn the music on. You, your elderly loved one, and the home care providers can bond over music, as well.


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