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What Does Personal Care at Home Include?

What Does Personal Care at Home Include?

Personal Care at Home in Groveland FL
Personal Care at Home in Groveland FL

Regular routines that support your senior’s daily well-being and health are a huge part of her everyday life. Over time, however, your aging family member may not be able to keep up with those routines on her own. That’s when personal care at home may be one of the best solutions for your senior. Personal care involves tasks that are related to the most personal needs your senior may have.

Personal Care Is a Specific Type of Care

When you first hear about it, personal care sounds exactly like what it is. This is assistance with tasks related to hygiene, toileting, grooming, and anything else related to your senior’s appearance and body. When your senior starts to have difficulty with these tasks, her entire life and even her health can be affected.

Other Types of Assistance Personal Care Offers

There are so many different ways that caregivers can help your elderly family member with personal care tasks. Some of the specific help that personal care at home offers your senior include:

  • Bathing
  • Applying topical creams
  • Tooth brushing and denture care
  • Foot care
  • Toileting assistance
  • Incontinence assistance
  • Transitioning assistance

Your elderly family member may need other types of help, as well. Anything that falls within the realm of personal care is what these types of caregivers can help your senior to manage.

Your Senior May Not Want You to Help

One of the best reasons to choose this type of assistance is that your senior may be adamant about not accepting your help with these tasks. Even when it becomes obvious that she needs assistance, it can be incredibly difficult for her to accept the help of people she loves. These are embarrassing tasks to need help managing, and it can be overwhelming for your senior.

Professional Caregivers Understand it’s Difficult to Accept This Type of Help

Elder care providers know what it’s like to need to accept help with personal care tasks. They’re able to offer your senior dignity and respect during the process, helping her to have the assistance that she needs. Caregivers learn your senior’s preferences and help to make sure that she’s cared for in the way that comforts her most.

Personal Care at Home Helps Your Senior to Maintain Quality of Life

Ultimately, personal care at home offers your senior a way to maintain her quality of life for as long as possible. When she’s not having to burn energy and time performing tasks that are difficult or impossible for her to manage on her own, your elderly family member is able to spend that time and energy enjoying her life. This can allow her to engage in hobbies that she loves and keep her brain as active as possible.

Bringing in personal care at home as soon as your elderly family member starts having difficulty can make the entire situation easier for her. Understanding what these care providers can offer her may take a little bit of time as your senior adjusts.

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